Saturday, July 16, 2011


Hey everybody,

As you know, me and Eder were in the process of getting ready to be married. Well, a midst lots of planning and traveling, i didn't have the chance to post during that time.

And now, me and Eder have a combined blog, which you can go to here:

We only have a couple posts up, but its what God has started since returning to Okinawa.
I want to make posts of our wedding, or atleast post a link to share photos. So if you have not already seen photos people have taken posted on Facebook, then please wait and when we get our photos back from the photographer, we will post a link on our new blog.

So please follow our new blog, me and Eder will probably be closing these blogs down in a little while, and just posting on the new one.

Thanks for praying, and thank you for following us as we follow God.

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